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US IPOs Weekly Recap
Week of December 6, 2021

Esther Thin

Three IPOs and 21 SPACs went public in the week of December 6, 2021 led by Nu Holdings Ltd (NYSE: NU), leading digital bank operating in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, raised $2,602 million at a $43,442 million market cap and finished 32% above its IPO price.

Provider of cloud infrastructure and data center management solutions, HashiCorp Inc (NASDAQ: HCP) raised $1,224 million at a $16,029 million market cap and finished 7% above its IPO price.

Newly-formed commercial mortgage REIT focused on the cannabis industry, Chicago Atlantic Real Estate Finance Inc (NASDAQ: REFI) raised $100 million at a $279 million market cap and finished 2% above its IPO price.

The 21 SPACs went public this past week are:

1.      Crypto 1 Acquisition (digital assets and cryptocurrency exchanges SPAC)

2.      Financial Strategies Acquisition (fintech and financial services industries SPAC)

3.      Globalink Investment (e-commerce and payments sectors SPAC)

4.      APx Acquisition I (businesses in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries SPAC)

5.      Genesis Growth Tech Acquisition (consumer internet industry in Europe, Israel, the UAE, or the US SPAC)

6.      Emerging Markets Horizon (high-growth tech and consumer SPAC)

7.      Sculptor Acquisition I (Real estate-focused SPAC)

8.      Integrated Wellness Acquisition (health, nutrition, fitness, wellness, and beauty sectors SPAC)

9.      Inception Growth Acquisition (TMT, sports, and gaming industries SPAC)

10.   Jupiter Wellness Acquisition (healthcare industry SPAC)

11.   Healthcare AI Acquisition (healthcare and pharma sectors SPAC)

12.   Trajectory Alpha Acquisition (disruptive technology-driven business SPAC)

13.   Power & Digital Acquisition II (electrical power grid transition SPAC)

14.   Growth For Good Acquisition (sustainable businesses SPAC)

15.   Southport Acquisition (financial software space SPAC)

16.   Jackson Acquisition (healthcare SPAC)

17.   Forbion European Acquisition (life sciences industry in Europe SPAC)

18.   Motive Capital II (fintech SPAC)

19.   Athena Technology Acquisition II (fintech, enterprise, and health-tech industries SPAC)

20.   Target Global I (European and Israeli tech companies SPAC)

21.   BurTech Acquisition (retail, lifestyle, hospitality, tech, and real estate markets SPAC)

Together, all the SPACs raised a total of $3.9 billion.

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