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US IPOs Weekly Recap
Week of October 18, 2021

Esther Thin

11 IPOs and 18 SPACs went public in the week of October 18, 2021 led by Portillo's Inc (NASDAQ: PTLO), Fast casual restaurant chain known for its Chicago-style hot dogs,  raised $405 million at a $1,435 million market cap and finished 87% above its IPO price.

Phase 2 biotech developing therapeutics for female cancers, Context Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: CNTX) raised $25 million at a $51 million market cap and finished 40% above its IPO price.

Bitcoin mining company powered by wholly-owned coal refuse power plant, Stronghold Digital Mining Inc (NASDAQ: SDIG) raised $127 million at a $875 million market cap and finished 33% above its IPO price.

Cloud-based investment management software provider, Enfusion Inc (NYSE: ENFN) raised $319 million at a $2,298 million market cap and finished 17% above its IPO price.

Water pipeline operator for the oil and gas fracking industry, Aris Water Solutions Inc (NYSE: ARIS) raised $229 million at a $704 million market cap and finished 10% above its IPO price.

The 18 SPACs went public this past week are: 

1.      Fintech Ecosystem Dev. (fintech sector in South Asia SPAC)

2.      Blockchain Moon Acquisition (blockchain technology businesses in North America, Europe, and Asia SPAC)

3.      Athena Consumer Acquisition (technology-enabled consumer products and services SPAC)

4.      Iconic Sports Acquisition (global sports industry SPAC)

5.      Accretion Acquisition (energy value chain SPAC)

6.      Sportsmap Tech Acquisition (sports tech SPAC)

7.      Enterprise 4.0 Tech Acquisition ("Enterprise 4.0" businesses SPAC)

8.      GoGreen Investments (energy transition space SPAC)

9.      Newcourt Acquisition (digital financial services and fintech businesses SPAC)

10.   ESGEN Acquisition (energy and infrastructure value chain SPAC)

11.   Global Technology Acquisition I (fintech and SaaS SPAC)

12.   M3-Brigade Acquisition III (renewable energy space SPAC) 13.   ExcelFin Acquisition (fintech SPAC)

14.   Pegasus DM Acquisition (next-generation transportation sector SPAC)

15.   Thrive Acquisition (global health and wellness industry SPAC)

16.   Industrial Human Capital (light industrial staffing solutions in North America SPAC) 17.   Worldwide Webb Acquisition (Internet sector SPAC)

18.   NewHold Investment II (industrial technology SPAC)

Together, all the SPACs raised a total of $3.4 billion.

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