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US IPOs Weekly Recap
Week of August 9, 2021

Esther Thin

Two IPOs and 17 SPACs went public in the week of August 9, 2021 led by Eliem Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ELYM) raised $80 million at a $344 million market cap and finished 16% above its IPO price.

Alabama bank with 15 branches in Alabama and Georgia, Southern States Bancshares (NASDAQ: SSBK), raised $38 million at a $166 million market cap and finished 2% above its IPO price.

The 17 SPACs went public this past week are:

1.      Kensington Capital Acq. V (industrials SSPAC)

2.      Chardan NexTech Acq. 2 (disruptive technologies SPAC)

3.      TPB Acquisition I (sustainable businesses in food and bio SPAC)

4.      Oxbridge Acquisition (insurtech and blockchain SPAC)

5.      PHP Ventures Acquisition (consumer-facing businesses with exposure to Africa SPAC)

6.      PONO Capital (businesses driving growth through technology SPAC)

7.      Decarbonization Plus IV (businesses advancing global decarbonization SPAC)

8.      Abri SPAC I (FinTech and InsurTech businesses SPAC)

9.      Avista Public Acq. II (healthcare sector SPAC)

10.   Conyers Park III Acq. (no selected target industry)

11.   World Quantum Growth Acq. (Financials sectors in the US and EMEA SPAC)

12.   10X Capital Venture II (Tech-enabled business SPAC)

13.   CENAQ Energy Corp. (Energy industry in North America SPAC)

14.   AfterNext HealthTech Acq. (Healthcare technology SPAC)

15.   AxonPrime Infr. Acq. (Infrastructure industry SPAC)

16.   Armada Acquisition (fintech SPAC)

17.   Jupiter Acquisition (consumer sector SPAC)

Together, all the SPACs raised a total of $2.9 billion.

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