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US IPOs Weekly Recap
Week of July 13, 2020

CY Seah

Hexcellence US IPOs Weekly Recap - Week of July 13, 2020

Eight IPOs and six SPACs went public in the week of July 13, 2020, led by led by nCino (Nasdaq: NCNO), which skyrocketed 195% in its first trading day, making the biggest first day gain for a US technology IPO in nearly 20 years. It closed its first week at 139% upward.

Including foreign tech issuers since 2000, nCino places second only to a Chinese issuer, Baidu, which popped 354% on trading debut in 2005.

nCino provides cloud-based software for financial institutions.

The six SPACs went public this past week are:

1. Artius Acquisition
2. HPX Corp
3. D8 Holdings
4. Malacca Straights Acquisition
5. Deerfield Healthcare Technology Acquisitions
6. PTK Acquisition

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