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US IPOs Weekly Recap
Week of March 1, 2021

Esther Thin

Hexcel US IPOs Weekly Recap - Week of March 1, 2021

Two IPOs and 39 SPACs went public in the week of March 1, 2021 led by InnovAge Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: INNV) , value-based care to high-cost dual-eligible seniors provider, raised $350 million at a $2,798 million market cap and finished 15% above its IPO price.

Online health insurance products and services provider, Oscar Health Inc (NYSE: OSCR) raised $1,445 million at a $9,459 million market cap and finished 21% below its IPO price.

The 39 SPACs went public this past week are:

1.      Khosla Ventures Acq. (proprietary tech with large market opportunities SPAC)

2.      Orion Acquisition (healthcare industry SPAC)

3.      Supernova Partners II (no selected target industry)

4.      Live Oak Mobility Acq. (mobility and motion technology sectors SPAC)

5.      dMY Technology Group IV (app business SPAC)

6.      Warburg Pincus Cap. I-A (no selected target industry)

7.      Tribe Capital Growth I (tech sector SPAC)

8.      NightDragon Acquisition (cybersecurity, safety, security, and privacy sector SPAC)

9.      Arrowroot Acquisition (enterprise software SPAC) 10.   Roth CH Acquisition III (no selected target industry)

11.   FTAC Hera Acquisition (fintech business SPAC)

12.   Tailwind Two Acquisition (technology business SPAC)

13.   DHB Capital (financial services industry SPAC)

14.   Goldenbridge Acquisition (artificial intelligence industry SPAC)

15.   Haymaker Acquisition III (no selected target industry)

16.   Anzu Special I (transformative technologies for industrial applications SPAC)

17.   First Reserve Sustainable (sustainability SPAC)

18.   Lerer Hippeau Acquisition (tech-enabled businesses SPAC)

19.   InterPrivate II Acq. (no selected target industry)

20.   Advanced Merger Partners (no selected target industry)

21.   InterPrivate III (financial services SPAC)

22.   InterPrivate IV (technology, media, and telecom SPAC)

23.   Mission Advancement (consumer sector SPAC)

24.   DHC Acquisition (tech-enabled businesses in a variety of sectors SPAC)

25.   VPC Impact Acquisition II (fintech business SPAC)

26.   VPC Impact Acq. III (fintech business SPAC)

27.   Warburg Pincus Cap. I-B (no selected target industry)

28.   RXR Acquisition (real estate technology SPAC)

29.   Aurora Acquisition (EMEA technology and media companies SPAC)

30.   Property Solutions II (real estate industry SPAC)

31.   Altimar Acquisition III (no selected target industry)

32.   M3-Brigade Acquisition II (no selected target industry)

33.   FinTech Evolution Acq. (FinTech businesses SPAC)

34.   TCW Special Purpose Acq. (tech, healthcare, industrial, or consumer sectors SPAC)

35.   Northern Star Inv. III (no selected target industry)

36.   Northern Star Inv. IV (no selected target industry)

37.   Atlantic Coastal Acq. (next-generation mobility sector SPAC)

38.   Isos Acquisition (digital media and entertainment sectors SPAC)

39.   Twin Ridge Capital Acq. (consumer and distribution sectors SPAC)

Together, all the SPACs raised a total of 11.1 billion.

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