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US IPOs Weekly Recap
Week of January 11, 2021

Esther Thin

Eight IPOs and 24 SPACs went public in the week of January 11, 2021, led by Affirm Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: AFRM) a financial technology company, raised $1,205 million at a $14.7 billion market cap and finished 139% above its IPO price.

Mobile game developer, Playtika Holding Corp (NASDAQ: PLTK) raised $1,877 million at a $11.3 billion market cap and finished 17% above its IPO price. The Herzliya, Israel-based company was founded in 2010 and booked $2.3 billion in revenue for the 12 months ended September 30, 2020.

Classical music services provider, Kuke Music Holding Ltd (NYSE: KUKE), raised $50 million at a $308 million market cap and finished 1% above its IPO price. The Beijing, China-based company was founded in 2017 and booked $21 million in revenue for the 12 months ended September 30, 2020.

The 24 SPACs went public this past week are:

1.      Northern Genesis Acq. II (sustainability and societal infrastructure SPAC)

2.      Group Nine Acquisition (media industry SPAC)

3.      Hennessy Capital V (US sustainable industrial technology and infrastructure SPAC)

4.      Fortress Capital Acq. (financial services SPAC)

5.      Deep Lake Capital Acq. (fintech sector SPAC)

6.      Hamilton Lane Alliance I (HLAHU)

7.      890 5th Avenue Partners (technology, media, and telecommunications sectors SPAC)

8.      26 Capital Acquisition (leisure, e-commerce, and consumer industries SPAC)

9.      Environmental Impact Acq. (sustainability sector SPAC)

10.   Marlin Technology (technology sector SPAC)

11.   Pontem Corp. (industrial technology businesses SPAC)

12.   OCA Acquisition (tech and financial services SPAC)

13.   Edify Acquisition (education sector SPAC)

14.   Athlon Acquisition (health, wellness, and fitness space SPAC)

15.   Big Cypress Acquisition (life sciences businesses in the US and Israel SPAC)

16.   Authentic Equity Acq. (North American CPG business SPAC)

17.   Silver Crest Acquisition (consumer sector SPAC)

18.   Monument Circle Acq. (media and entertainment SPAC)

19.   Global Partner Acq. II (consumer, e-commerce, and retail disruptors SPAC)

20.   Adit EdTech Acquisition (education sector SPAC)

21.   Healthcare Capital Corp. (healthcare industry SPAC)

22.   Rotor Acquisition (industrial and consumer sectors SPAC)

23.   Thoma Bravo Advantage (software business SPAC)

24.   Class Acceleration Corp (digital education SPAC)

Together, all the SPACs raised a total of $6.8 billion.

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