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US IPOs Weekly Recap
Hexcel US IPOs Weekly Recap - Week of January 4, 2020

Esther Thin

Two IPOs and 28 SPACs went public in the week of January 4, 2020, led by Cullinan Management (NASDAQ: CGEM) raised $250 million at a $953 million market cap and finished 42% above its IPO price.
Cancer immune therapy Developer Gracell Biotechnologies (NASDAQ: GRCL) raised $209 million at a $1,271 million market cap and finished 32% above its IPO price.
The 28 SPACs went public this past week are:
1. Altimeter Growth Corp. 2 (tech sector SPAC)
2. SVF Investment Corp. (artificial intelligence SPAC)
3. Switchback II Corp. (energy technology SPAC)
4. Ivanhoe Capital Acq. (energy transition space SPAC)
5. Star Peak Corp. II (sustainability sector SPAC)
6. VectoIQ Acquisition II (smart transportation industry SPAC)
7. Crucible Acquisition (tech SPAC)
8. Fortress Value Acq. III (no selected target industry)
9. Provident Acquisition (technology businesses in Southeast Asia SPAC)
10. Prospector Capital Corp. (tech sector SPAC)
11. Sports Ventures Acq. (sports, media, and entertainment SPAC)
12. Benessere Capital Acq. (middle market technology businesses in the Americas SPAC)
13. Pioneer Merger (no selected target industry)
14. Epiphany Tech Acquisition (technology industry SPAC)
15. Powered Brands (consumer business SPAC)
16. Omega Alpha SPAC (biotech sector SPAC)
17. Bright Lights Acquisition (consumer products and media, entertainment, and sports sectors SPAC)
18. Locust Walk Acquisition (healthcare sector SPAC)
19. Mountain Crest Acq. II (business in North America with under-researched assets SPAC)
20. Poema Global Holdings (technology businesses in Europe and Asia SPAC)
21. KludeIn I Acquisition (software or technology-enabled growth businesses SPAC)
22. Kairos Acquisition (insurance and insurtech sectors SPAC)
23. Global Synergy Acq. (technology services SPAC)
24. Empowerment & Inclusion I (diverse-led or inclusive-focused business SPAC)
25. KL Acquisition (healthcare industry SPAC)
26. Vickers Vantage I (no selected target industry)
27. LightJump Acquisition (tech sector SPAC)
28. Tastemaker Acquisition (restaurant, hospitality, and related tech and services sectors SPAC)
Together, all the SPACs raised a total of $6.7 billion.
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